Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy commitment

This Privacy Policy gives details about how my saves, uses, and reveals user data and personal information. Our customers’ privacy and safety matter the most for us. We collect only that information which is required to make customers’ extender and router work properly. We never share or disclose any of user data with third-party website or company. When you provide information to our experts via website, chat or email, you give us approval to use this data for further troubleshooting process. Please read this privacy statement carefully. In case you don’t agree with any of the terms explained in this statement, you are advised to discontinue browsing the website.

2Our confidentiality statement

There’s no need to worry as all the personal data of our customers such as name, email, and telephone number is kept confidential and private. We assure that no user information will be revealed to other third-party website. Moreover, we will never misuse your data for any reason.

3Collection and use of private information

We collect only private information through our website when you get connected with us via chat. MyWiFiExtLogn uses this data to contact you regarding support services that you have asked for.

4Information usage

When you use our customer support services, we collect your personal information and other technical issue related information. You can ask for a copy or send to data collection that is held by us at any time by contacting us.

Also, at my , we do not store your credit card information or other sensitive data on our servers. For any transaction we use the services of a secure payment gateway to provide safe and secure payment procedures. Your credit card information is never transmitted via our website since the payment gateway is responsible for collecting, storing and encrypting your data.

5The purpose and use of data collected

We collect user data for the following purposes:

  • Contact clients or users in any case of urgency
  • Improve our customer services
  • Fix technical problems
  • Process queries
  • Conduct market research surveys

Apart from this, my uses this information for security, authentication, archiving, and backup processes. This data helps us provide an in-depth knowledge of services we offer along with sending updates.

One can restrict receiving marketing emails by contacting a technician at our website.

6Cookies and log files

This website can collect and use information with the help of web beacon, cookies, and other tracking technologies. Cookies are known as small text files that automatically get stored on your device when you visit any Site. Generally, the website uses cookies to know how many users visit it again and to increase continued user visits.

In addition to this, we collect data about our customers’ computer or laptop such as operating system, number of drivers, disk space, processor type, memory space, etc. We collect information about the technical support software like its version and updates.

This website uses ‘tracking tags’ technology that helps us understand the pages which users access. It is also used for customizing and optimizing our website for visitors.

  • Cookie Policy
    MyWiFiExtLogn uses cookies to give you a better online experience. In order to make full use of the (‘Website’), your computer, tablet or mobile phone will need to accept cookies. We feel that it is important that you know what cookies our Website uses and for what purposes. This will help to protect your privacy, while at the same time providing you with the best online experience.
  • What is a cookie?
    Cookies are small text files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded and may be stored on your user device e.g. your computer (or other internet enabled devices, such as a smartphone or tablet). At MyWiFiExtLogn, we may use similar techniques, such as pixels, web beacons and device fingerprints. For the sake of consistency, all these techniques combined will be hereafter referred to as ‘cookies’. This Cookie Policy provides you with information about the cookies we use and why.
  • Cookie used on the website
    MyWiFiExtLogn uses several different types of cookies. Some of these are session cookies which are temporary and allow us to link your actions during a browser session. Session cookies are erased when you close the browser. Other cookies are persistent cookies which remain on your device for the period of time specified in the cookie. The Website uses cookies for the following purposes:
  • Functional cookies
    Functional cookies are essential and help you navigate the Website. They enhance the user friendliness of the Website for visitors. These cookies make sure that you only have to pass the age-gate once. These cookies also help to support website security and basic functionality.

7Remote access

When customers request for remote access during support, we ask date of purchase of PC, laptop, devices make and model number, type of ID number, software and hardware installed, and other related information. This allows our technicians to find and troubleshoot issues without visiting your home or workplace.

Our staff doesn’t take any access to private and confidential data saved on your device or network.

8Diagnostic tool

By using online diagnostic tools, we collect a variety of useful data about the state of your computer and installed programs. All this data is sent to us via security technologies over the internet. Our technicians analyze this information and resolve users’ technical problems.

9The information and emails we may send you

  • Email and information

When you use this website or any of its services, it uses your data to send push notifications and emails to your device. We may also send updates regarding our services. In case our customers don’t want to receive any kind of notification from us, contact us .

  • Other notifications

If necessary, we may send you notifications in case of certain suspended services due to system maintenance. However, customers can not unsubscribe from such kinds of service-based notifications.

10Third-party links

This Website may have access to third-party links, but it is not responsible for any policy or action of external website and company. It’s suggested to review the relevant Privacy Policy of third-party Site.

11Kids under the age of 13

Our website is not meant for kids under the age of 13. Users visiting it should be at least of 18 years. In case we come to know that we have received or collected private data from a child under 13 without the parental permission, we will remove that data from our Site. You can contact us via email if you think that we might have any data from a kid under 13.

12Changes to the private information

Users can change, update or delete their private information given to us via our website, phone or email.

13Updating the Privacy Policy

We can modify or change this policy from time to time. All the changes made by us will be a part of this Privacy Agreement. It is all our customers’ duty to check this document periodically, so that they can fully familiarize with our latest privacy practices. We may send notifications about the changes by either email or other means of communication about updating this Privacy Policy.

14Contacting us

If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy, feel free to ask them via chat or sending an email.